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How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help support us in our effort to rescue and find homes for retired racing Greyhounds. There are two main ways you can help the cause, either by your monetary donation or by volunteering your time. Volunteering By volunteering your time you are helping us do the daily, and nightly,… Read More »

Greyhound History

With the ability to run a speed of forty-five miles per hour, the Greyhound has sped its way through time and history records from past to present. Cave paintings in France show that Greyhounds have been in existence for perhaps as long as 15,000 years, with earliest known bones of dogs to 12,000 B.C. The… Read More »

Why Greyhounds?

There are many different ideas of where the name Greyhound has come from. In Old English the term “Greyhound”, “Gre-hundr” grech or greg, means dog or hundr, meaning hunter. Romans believe that the Greyhounds came from Gaul ( Western Europe) which is the land of the Celts. The Celts believe that the Greyhounds came from… Read More »