Goldfish are a type of aquarium fish that is no stranger to hobbyists, both professional and amateur. They have many characteristics such as being easy to raise and taken care of, they are hearty eaters, their color and shape variations are remarkable and they can attract the attention and interest of many people all walks of life. However, many people still find it difficult to start right away with a satisfactory goldfish tank.

1. Preparing a goldfish breeding tank:

How to Raise Goldfish so It Would Not Die?

– A newly purchased tank must be filled with water to test it’s readiness before first use.

– Fill the tank with water then put ripe Siamese bananas into the water and soak for 3 days to clear the smell of glue and make the tank clean (this way is also the same for newly built cement paste but it takes a week after that). Rinse the tank and pour clean water, can use tap water).

– Turn on the filter continuously for 3 days and leave the lights on (cement paste also does the same but the longer the filtration time, the better, the purpose of the water filter is to clear the water and clear the smell of chlorine) remember to rinse the filter pads thoroughly.

For an old tank, flood the tank with water, followed by 1-2 kg of salt (as salty as possible), soak for 2 days in order to kill pathogens such as parasites, fungi, etc. clean the water, replace with fresh water and perform the same water filtration process as with a new tank.

2. Put the fish into the tank

How to Raise Goldfish so It Would Not Die?

Step 1: Soak the whole bag of fish and un-tie the elastic band into the tank. The purpose is to keep the water temperature in the tank and in the bag of fish equal, while on the other hand helps the fish get used to the scenery in the tank.

Step 2: Open the bag and scoop some water from the lake into the bag. Continue to add water to the bag (every 5 minutes). The goal is to get the fish accustomed to the new water.

When you release the fish into the tank if you see the fish swim normally like when you first bought it, you have succeeded

Step 3: Slowly tilt the bag for the fish to automatically swim out. Do not empty the bag too fast.

Note: If you see the fish panicking and crashing into the tank or decorations, move the tank to a place where there are no people passing by, or there is no sound, for them to recover and get used to the new tank. Otherwise they will die in just a few days.


How to Raise Goldfish so It Would Not Die?

There are two types of feed for goldfish: pelletized and flakes. The pellets are relatively slow sinking in water, which is good for aquarium fish, including goldfish, because the food on the bottom of the tank can be eaten. Also note that feeding should only take about 3 minutes. For young and growing goldfish, feed 2-3 times a day. For larger goldfish, 1 time per day is sufficient. You can also add to the diet of raw worms and shrimp, noting that these are available from aquarium stores.

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