How You Can Help

By | November 15, 2004

There are many ways you can help support us in our effort to rescue and find homes for retired racing Greyhounds. There are two main ways you can help the cause, either by your monetary donation or by volunteering your time.


By volunteering your time you are helping us do the daily, and nightly, work that we do to run Greyhounds 2 Go Adoptions. If you have a Greyhound or not we can always use your help. We are always looking for volunteers for the following types of events:

Meet & Greets
Fund Raisers
Street Fairs


Your monetary donations are also very needed and welcome. The cost of rescuing and taking care of a retired racing Greyhound can range from $200 on up depending on the length of time a dog is fostered and it’s medical condition when received. When we first receive a dog it is spayed/neutered, de-wormed, and all internal and external parasites removed. Once the new Greyhounds have been initially check by our group the Greyhound will be placed in a foster home. Here at the foster home we depend on donations to help pay for food and any other thing that is needed for our foster Greyhounds. Here is where donations help us as we run off of donations. The support through donations can truly help a Greyhound in its initial steps of retirement.


There are other ways that you can help our retired racing Greyhounds. These next two ways to help require more of a commitment.

Here is where you truly help our retired racing Greyhounds. If you are willing to take this step and are interested in adopting a Greyhound please visit our adoption application information page. This is an important place in where people can truly help our Greyhounds.


This is a place where people with experiences with retired racing Greyhounds can help. Even if you are not experienced with Greyhounds you can learn to foster a Greyhound. If this interests you please visit our why foster page.