Rabbits are small mammals with fluffy tail, whiskers and distinctive long ears. These belong to the family of Leporidae. There are more than three hundred species of these rabbits amongst which thirteen belong to the wild species. If you are wondering as to which specie you can keep as a pet and what food do you need to give them to ensure a healthy diet then you are reading the right article. Making sure that your lovely pet remains healthy and safe is important for the owner and so if there is any way to ensure that you should try that. So, learn all about the rabbit foods now!

Is There Anything a Rabbit Is Allergic To?

What Do Rabbits Eat And Drink?

There are a lot of food items that can affect your rabbit adversely. So before we move on to what your rabbit should have we are ensuring that you know what all your pet rabbit should not have as these items can lead to the death of you precious rabbits as well. One of these deadly food items include:

  • Avocado contains a toxic principle called persin which can cause respiratory problems to your rabbit as well as congestion, fluid accumulation around the heart and even death.
  • Iceberg lettuce contains lactucarium. This is a chemical that can cause the “stoned” effect in a rabbit similar to what happens to humans around opium. That being said, it is not the right choice to feed your bunny opium either as it will cause similar effects.
  • Walnuts have no fibre and are high in fat content. This can cause uncomfortable indigestion to these bunnies. Therefore, walnuts are in no way healthy for a rabbit and will only cause problems.
  • Chocolate is a food item that is deemed poisonous in case of most of the pets including rabbits.
  • Meat is a food item that one would not imagine to feed their rabbits but some people have tried this. Rabbits are herbivores and only require plant-based food items. Anything apart from that is not possible for a rabbit to digest or have as they are not built that way.

These are certain food items that can act severely harmful or deathly for a rabbit. Make sure that you or your near and dear ones do not feed any of these things to rabbits as these are highly fatal for their health.

What Can a Rabbit Drink?

What Do Rabbits Eat And Drink?

Rabbits are small and sensitive mammals as well as a herbivore. It is fair to think that these mammals might not be able to drink all kinds of liquids. So what can a rabbit drink? Water, coffee, cold drink, juice, beer, wine, etc, you might have all these things at your home and it might be tempting to share these beverages with your rabbit but you need to control that temptation as just because a rabbit can drink something does not mean it will suit its health. It has been said that the following liquids are strictly banned for a rabbit to consume: alcohol, coffee, chocolate, caffeine, citrus, grapes, milk, and xylitol. It also eliminates all kinds of sugar, salt and fatty content. When you remove all that the only thing remained for a rabbit to drink is water. So, it can be said that water is the only liquid that suits rabbits.

Fresh Water is the best drink for your pet bunny. Rabbits are made of 73% water and just like every mammal and human they need water to survive. Rabbits stop having food after 3 days of not having water. Water for these mammals is extremely necessary for ridding the body of waste and maintaining healthy body temperature.

The recommended amount of water for a rabbit is said to be 50 to 150 millilitres/kg of body weight. Some certain fresh fruits and vegetables have a high water content this can count to be a reason as to why your rabbit might not be drinking the recommended amount of water. But rest assured as they are getting their due from these fruits and vegetables.

Some people question whether a rabbit needs water in a bowl or a bottle. This is entirely up to you as its owner you can choose whichever dish you like it does not matter. What matters is the fact that these mammals get to drink the required amount of water regularly.

What Kind of Food Items Do These Bunnies Need?

What Do Rabbits Eat And Drink?

Rabbits rely on fresh fruits and vegetables for a healthy diet and their basic food structure include fresh hay or grass and freshwater. Apart from that, there are certain fruits and vegetables that one can try. Rabbits like humans are different and so if you want to try a new item then feed a small proportion of it to your bunny and wait for 24 hours. If your bunny excretes soft poo then you need to retreat. In addition to that, there are certain sets of vegetables and fruits that might be beneficial for your rabbit. These rabbit foods include:

  • Artichoke leaves
  • Asparagus
  • Baby Sweetcorns but they should not be full-sized.
  • Beetroot
  • Broccoli but you need to limit it as it can cause gas.
  • Carrots and carrot tops can be considered but not the roots as they are high in sugar and rabbits are not allowed to have high sugar content.
  • Apricots
  • Blueberries
  • Grapes
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • Mango
  • Melons
  • Nectarine
  • Papaya
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Tomato but you need to avoid their leaves.

So, these are certain fresh fruits and vegetables that are best suited to be served to a rabbit. One thing that is needed to be ensured on an absolute basis is that these fruits and vegetables need to be farm fresh and clean otherwise it can cause harm to your pet mammal.

So, if you are looking for the best rabbit food items to serve to your precious pet mammal, we hope we were helpful. Ensure that you do follow the basic diet of a rabbit that is fresh hay or grass and freshwater.

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